Hotel reservations Yemen


Yemen is a real catch for people who want to see the real Arab world. The locals do not try to drag you in a shop; do not bid up prices especially for the uninformed visitors. Everything is honest! Rocky plateau looks the same as in the time of Queen of Sheba, the ruins of which palace you can see in Marib. Only usual transportation in Yemen now are jeeps and buses but not camels. Huge endless markets run into one another. Crazy smell of spices, actively traded eastern habitants achieving a fair price local spirit is everywhere. Most of the hotels including cheap hotels are located in the Yemen capital - Sanaa. Holiday in Sanaa is geared for people who feel well in the mountains because Sanaa is located 2 km above sea level.

The most favorable time for reserving a hotel in Yemen in mountain areas is from April to May and from September to October. If you are interested in vacation on the coast or islands then stay in Yemen between October and March - that's when the weather conditions are the most favorable for a beach holiday. Hotel prices in Yemen are quite low what is proven by hotel price comparison. Yemen accommodation is characterized by modern interiors both inside and outside and can coexist with houses more reminiscent of the sights. Walking through the streets of Yemen is, above all, the surprise of unusual buildings.

Brown clay walls and white sugar window openings are like gingerbread houses brought in Arabia.

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