Hotel reservations Uruguay


A small South American country Uruguay is famous for its bohemian atmosphere of seaside resorts and coastal towns. Many Uruguayans, and there are more than three million of them, are the descendants of Italian and Spanish immigrants who have inherited their traditions.

The local people are educated, considerate and hospitable. Uruguay is known for its national addiction to mate, leisurely and relaxing atmosphere of spas, and amazing national parks. Fans of social events will appreciate the high level of jazz and cinema festivals. While reserving lodging in Uruguay it is worth considering that only hotels of worldwide chains as Holiday Inn or Best Western meet the international classification.

According to the hotel price comparison hotel prices in Uruguay roughly correspond to the European average. Most hotels in Uruguay are of a 3 and 4-star level. If you want to stay in Uruguay in January or February and even in 5-star lodging then it is better to make the reservation in advance. If you are interested in thermal springs then you can find hotels in Uruguay close them too although the class of accommodation will be significantly lower than in a resort area.

The largest selection of accommodation including cheap hotels in Uruguay can be found in the capital of the country - Montevideo where there are low hotel prices and an abundance of hostels and small villas. Holiday resorts in Uruguay are equipped with restaurants, spas and everything you need in order not to leave its territory.

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