Hotel reservations Russia


When tourists hear the word Russia they usually remember the three most popular routes choosing which it is advisable to book accommodation in Russia beforehand: these are Moscow and St. Petersburg with their suburbs and the Golden Ring.

But touristic opportunities in Russia are much richer. Hotels in the valley of Azau and in Dombai at the foot of Mount Elbrus, in the Altai and Krasnaya Polyana are in demand among skiers. For close contact with nature you can stay near Lake Baikal. In Russia there is a huge choice of sports and health tourism: horse and hiking routes, including mountain, rafting, mineral waters in Pyatigorsk, and a large number of resorts. Luxury international resort of Sochi opens the whole year. Hotel prices in Russia will be different for each region and city.

The most important thing while booking lodging in Russia especially cheap hotels is to pay attention to the interior design in order not to stay in a very old hotel. Thus youd better read reviews and watch photos doing hotel price comparison.

Airlines in Russia: