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The largest country in South-Eastern Europe, Romania, is bright and colorful, full of paradoxes and contradictions. Once it was occupied by Romans having destroyed half of the population who dared to resist, and the survivors took the name and language of the occupants. Since that time Romania is proud of kinship with the Italians. For ages the country was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire; however the majority of population is Orthodox.

Romania is a homeland to brutal dictators - medieval Count Vlad Tsepesh (Dracula prototype) and the communist Nicholas Ceausescu. But now this country is smiling, friendly and hospitable to foreigners some of them do not even need a visa: just an invitation or other document confirming you have booked a hotel in Romania. Lodging in Romania including cheap hotels is comfortable both on the Black Sea and in the Carpathians.

Hotel prices everywhere in Romania are moderate that is proven by hotel price comparison. Hotels in Romania are popular with lovers of a beach holiday and ski resorts. Having come to Romania you are sure to find pastime for your taste.

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