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Poland is worth seeing with its medieval history and monuments: the magnificent Royal Krakow, the ancient capital of the country, seven-story underground city of Wieliczka and Salt Mine, Zamosc - an old walled city, natural landmarks - Bialowieza forest; tragic evidence of the Second World War - the largest Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, and restored from the ruins the Old Warsaw. If you are travelling for a beach holiday in Krakow you should care for hotels in Poland beforehand. In high season lots of travelers come here from across the world.

Having come to Poland you can have a profitable shopping or enter into fruitful business relations. Hotel prices in Poland vary depending on several factors: you can find hostels and cheap hotels in Poland from 7 Euros per night, luxury apartments in the central part from 20 Euros or hotels near the coast that will be even more expensive. Whatever lodging you choose there is a chance to find something appropriate in Poland at the best price after thorough hotel price comparison.

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