Hotel reservations Montenegro


Montenegro is the country characterized by the alpine climate in the mountains and the Mediterranean one near the Adriatic coast. The swimming season in Montenegro lasts from the end of April till late October what is the best period is the best to reserve hotels in Montenegro. Nature in Montenegro is terrific: toothed coastline, plenty of bays, inlets, high mountain peaks, and blue lakes. Holidays on the coast in such resorts with sandy beaches as Budva, Becici, Ulcinj, Herzog Novi also attracts visitors with numerous monuments.

Lovers of mountain air can book an accommodation including cheap hotels in Montenegro near Lake Skadar that provides a perfect opportunity for fishing and hunting at affordable prices. Montenegrin cuisine will delight with seafood, traditional mountain dishes like corn tortillas, meat cooked on a spit or in a cast-iron pot, and perfect cream cheese. Local wines are also worth your attention. Montenegrins are very friendly; many of them speak English and like when tourists use some local words. Hotel prices in Montenegro are rather high but you can reserve lodging in Montenegro after proper hotel price comparison.

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