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Malta is a Mediterranean state. It was inhabited by Phoenicians and Greeks, Malta was conquered by Carthaginians, Arabs, Byzantines, Normans and Spaniards. In 1814 Malta was announced a British colony. All this has left a specific mark on the present being of this country. Malta is a unique repository of the shrines built in the 3-4 millenniums BC. In Malta there are many stone idols, altars, oracles and stone slabs.

The most famous of them are Tarksien, Gozo, Hagar Qim, Ta Hagrat, Mnajdra. If you want to observe the relics, paintings, sculptures of various periods in the history then you should reserve lodging in Valletta, the capital of Malta - the land of museums. In case are fond of weapons then look into the armory. Here is the best collection of Malta Knights armory.

There is also one of the oldest theaters of Europe in Valetta. And according to the reviews and hotel price comparison its easy to reserve hotels in Malta, in this Mediterranean fairy tale. Hotels in Malta are of a wide range - from cheap hotels like hostels to luxury accommodation. Hotel prices in Malta will surprise everyone.

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