Hotel reservations Iran


Iran is a country that once was known as the ancient state called Persia. It is no surprise that here you can find dozens of magnificent monuments of antiquity: majestic palaces, countless luxury mosques and huge squares preserved from ancient times. Modern Iran is a different country but no less beautiful and magnificent. Up to now local markets offer extremely luxurious items: pots, souvenirs, carpets and more.

Prices for these products are high but they're worth it: handmade, perfect execution and the use of expensive materials. You can book hotels in Iran anywhere in the country. Everywhere you will be welcomed warmly regardless of the level of the hotel.

Lodging in Iran is divided into two types - traditional Iranian and standard, in the European sense, accommodations. Hotel prices in Iran are quite low. It is possible to stay in Iran in luxurious 5-star hotels, and in nice cheap hotels of 1-2 stars as well. There is also an opportunity to book a villa in Iran. Prices for villas here are very reasonable that you can check doing hotel price comparison.

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