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Iceland is an icebound island in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The nature of this fabulous country is really captivating. Its territory is full of small lakes, rivers, waterfalls and sleeping and active mud volcanoes and geysers. In the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, you can not only book hotels but also have a great time. If you prefer a quiet rest, calm repose and are interested in ancient legends and sagas then you can visit the old part of the capital where you will find many museums with vast historical collections, see the home of the XIX and XX centuries, ancient books, and be able to get in a time of great warriors - Vikings.

If you prefer an active pastime the city has a number of pools including the open ones where the water temperature reaches 27 degrees above zero, a variety of bars, discos, clubs and theaters. Hotels in Iceland ate perfectly suitable for the lovers of sport fishing and extreme sports, rock climbing, horseback trips, diving in mineral waters and under the icebergs. All this you can try for quite reasonable prices. Booking of 5-star lodging in Iceland should be better done in advance as accommodations of this class are few and very popular. There are no problems to fond hostels or other cheap hotels in Iceland as there are more than enough of that kind. Hotel prices in Iceland are quite low you can check this out doing hotel price comparison by yourself.

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