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Armenia is for a reason called a museum-country: there are so many sights here that take your breath away even if travelers are not interested in history. Natural monuments are not far behind - dormant thousands of years ago volcanoes, lakes, and waterfalls attract tourists from across the world. In addition holiday in Armenia hotels is an opportunity to improve your health in spas at affordable prices. Armenian cuisine is known as one of the oldest in Asia; the technology of preparation for many dishes has passed on through ages so foodies will also be pleased.

Transport infrastructure in Armenia is actively developing; throughout the country one can travel by train, bus or rental car. Hotels in Armenia are really worth staying and the service here is no worse than the European, many of them have pools, spa facilities and nightclubs. Lovers of a quiet holiday should stay in Armenia in family cheap hotels. Hotel prices in Armenia are quite reasonable that is also proven by hotel price comparison.

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